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Plastic Housing created from vacuum casting

Vacuum Casting

Overview Vacuum casting is a great way to get plastic parts, that have the look and feel of an injection moulded component. Often people overlook this process as they are unfamiliar with it. However the process is very simple. At …

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Handheld keyboard with Tampo Printing

Tampo Printing

Tampo Printing. Short for Tampograpgy and also referred to as Pad Printing. We use this technique to add artwork to plastic, rubber and metal parts. To achieve this, we apply ink to a pad and transfer it through pressure onto …

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Stereolithography example of clear 3d printed component


Overview Stereolithography or SLA for short, is a 3D printing process, also known as additive manufacturing. SLA uses a process called photopolymerization, where a laser cures liquid resin into a plastic. Layers of material are built up to produce the …

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Black rubber matt created by Rubber Compression Moulding

Rubber Compression Moulding

Rubber Compression Moulding is where uncured rubber material is put into a mould cavity. Applying pressure and heat reforms the rubber, creating the new geometry. People often compare this process to waffle making.   Prototype, Batch & Mass Production You …

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Progressive Die Stamping process. One of Ultraform's mass Manufacturing Services

Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive Die Stamping is one of our mass manufacturing processes, where sheet metal is fed through a series of Dies. At each stage forming takes place, and progressively the shape of the component comes together into its final geometry. It’s …

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Example of Powder Coating - Silver Grey Aluminium CNC block

Powder Coating

Improve the aesthetics by giving a powder coating finish to your metal forged, extruded or CNC machined part. Firstly, using electrostatic you attract and capture powder particles to the component. Then baking takes place where the powder turns into a …

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Polishing Service showing a metal part before and after


Polishing for Prototypes and Low Volume parts Adding a post polish finish to a prototype part can really enhance the visuals, making it look like the real finish product. We can polish clear 3D prints to give excellent optically transparent properties. …

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Example of CNC Plastic Machining Automotive Component

CNC Plastic Machining

Overview Our CNC Plastic Machining Service is ideal for prototyping and batch production. Manufacturing quality precision engineered parts, fast and at affordable prices is what we do best. We stock a variety of different plastics. If you have a particular …

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Example of CNC Plastic Machining Automotive Component

Injection Moulding

We provide both Tool Design & Manufacturing services and a Plastic Injection Molding service.Moulding of the components and mould tooling manufacturing all happens in-house. This means we own the whole process, from start to finish.

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Automated Spray Painting Head on production line


Prototyping: Spray painting prototype components can bring them to life. We have the skills to apply the paint, achieving a finish which is comparable to moulded parts. Using this in conjunction with 3D printing can hide the print layers. Or …

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Black anodised aluminium Metal extrusions of a heatsink


Overview We produce custom components through our Metal Extrusions service. By forcing metal through a Die, you can achieve parts that have uniform cross sections. One of our manufacturing processes that has low setup costs, and can be used effectively …

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Selective laser sintering 3D Printing service, showing example of our manufacturing processes


SLS 3d Printing, is one of our manufacturing processes which comes under the category of additive manufacturing.Created by fusing polymer powder with lasers, allowing us to print with no support structures.

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Electroplating plastic injection handle with Chrome appearance


You can achieve a chrome finish with plastic parts by adding a metallic plating by the process of electroplating. With this process it’s possible to enhance cheaper plastic parts to look more expensive. Therefore this is often used on luxury …

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Cold forging process to produce LED heatsink

Cold Forging

The Process Cold Forging is the process of forcing a metal blank into a Die. This happens when the material is at standard room temperatures. Hence the name “cold forging”.   Advantages In comparison to machined or cast parts, cold forged …

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CNC Machining service making Injection Mould Tool Cavity

CNC Machining

Being a part manufacturer and supplier, one of our most popular processes is our CNC Machining service. It's perfect for producing parts for prototyping and batch production runs. We CNC a range of materials, including plastics and metals.

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CNC Machine Metal - Aluminium Automotive Component suitable for batch production

CNC Machine Metal

We manufacture quality, precision engineered, CNC Machine Metal Parts. Our service is fast and affordable. Ideal for prototyping and batch production. As a part manufacturer and supplier, this is one of our most popular services.

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Black Anodising process showing Aluminium Bracket Fixture


Protective Coating There are two main reasons why you would use Anodising. Firstly the most common reason being, to give metal parts a protective shield. Making them less prone to corrosion and ware. This is an electrolytic process, where a …

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Ultraform SLA 3D Printing Service

3D Printing

Our 3D printing service is ideal for creating a representative model. Get an early indication of form and function, helping you realise your designs. Through early prototyping you can validate your designs therefore allowing you to spot any changes that …

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