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Vacuum Casting


Vacuum casting is a great way to get plastic parts, that have the look and feel of an injection moulded component.

Often people overlook this process as they are unfamiliar with it. However the process is very simple. At first, pour liquid resin into a silicon mould under a vacuum, then curing takes place. Finally release the part from the mould. The silicon mould can then be reused.


Common uses

This is an ideal process for low volume production and prototyping of components. Common uses of vacuum castings include; housing for electronics, cases for consumer goods, parts for display demos and trade shows, market testing, pitching designs to investors, proving concepts & engineer testing.


Advantages of Vacuum Casting

  • Multiple moulded parts: 20 – 25 per mould
  • Moulded plastic parts without expensive upfront tooling costs
  • Possible to mould in a wide range of plastic material, including translucent colours and fully transparent
  • Excellent range of off-mould surface textures and polishes available



± 0.3% (or ± 0.3 mm on dimensions < 100 mm)


0.75mm min feature size

1.5mm is recommended


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