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Stereolithography or SLA for short, is a 3D printing process, also known as additive manufacturing.

SLA uses a process called photopolymerization, where a laser cures liquid resin into a plastic. Layers of material are built up to produce the final part.


SLS Advantages

Stereolithography is perfect for rapid prototyping because it requires no tooling. Meaning you can make iterative design changes inexpensively. It is possible to manufacture parts in days or even a few hours, hence this has become one of the main processes of choice for Product Designers and Mechanical Engineers. If you are looking to shorten design cycles and validate components before committing to expensive tooling, then this could be the process for you.

Printing finder details is possible, hence it’s ideal if you require tight tolerances, or a nice smooth surface finish. SLA parts can be print in clear resins, where post processing such as polishing can drastically enhance their optical qualities.



X / Y direction ± 0.05mm plus an additional ± 0.001mm / mm;

Z direction ± 0.13mm plus additional ± 0.001mm / mm.

Print Accuracy

0.05mm layer thinkness

0.13mm min feature size


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