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Injection Moulding

Service Overview

We offer a Tool Design & Manufacturing service and a Plastic Injection Molding service.

As part of our Plastic injection molding service, we provide upfront Design for Manufacture (DFM) reviews at no extra cost. This ensures that we can produce a part that not only meets all your requirements, but also maximises tool life and component quality.

Mould Tool Design

We design and create our Tools on CAD, using the component STEP file you provide. This allows us to produce precise, accurate and detailed tooling. We keep the Tool designs under revision control, and share the design files with you.

Tool Manufacture

We create and assemble the tools in our modern workshops using the latest tooling machinery and manufacturing techniques. We regularly create hardened steel tools in 7-12 weeks depending on complexity.

Moulded Parts

Quality plastic components, moulded in house. We have a range of mould machines at our disposal to meet your needs. We regularly invest in new machines and automation to keep our piece prices low.

Quality and Experience

Moulding of the components and mould tool manufacturing all happen in-house. This means we own the whole process from start to finish. Therefore taking full responsibility of the components quality. Our tool designers are extremely experienced. We are confident with designing complex tooling, with multiple side movers, sliders, twin shot, hot and cold runner systems.

Injection Mould Tools

Quality Tools, Fast & Affordable

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Our Workflow

DFM Review

Step 1

We undertake a Design for Manufacture review of your component. The aim is to highlight any improvements we believe will increase the quality of the part, or the life of the tool.

Tool Design & Sign off

Step 2

Once the DFM review is complete we will start the tool design. We’ll share the files with you. If everything is satisfactory, tool manufacture can commence. 

Detailed Tooling Schedule

Step 3

A detailed breakdown of the tooling schedule will be provided. This shows our expected progress through the manufacturing process.

Tool Manufacture

Step 4

Manufacturing is now underway. Using a range of Computer Controlled machinery, we precisely and accurately machine and cut the tool.

Trial Shots 1, 2, 3

Step 5

Once the tooling is compete we undertake 3 trial shots.

T1 – Proves tool integrity and mouldability

T2 – Proves component quality

T3 – Signs off components

Ready for Mass Manufacture

Step 6

The tool is now complete and the parts measure to drawing. Mass manufacture of components can now begin.

Injection Moulded Components

Quality Parts, Fast & Affordable

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Advantages of Injection Moulding

To the seasoned Design Engineer, the advantages of injection moulding are well know. But for those new to injection moulding, read on…

Injection moulding gives you very cheap piece part prices, however tooling requires upfront capital investment. Usually this makes injection moulding more suited to products that are entering mass production. But don’t worry, our tooling costs are extremely affordable.

  • Create intricate, complex geometries that hold a lot of detail and features
  • Excellent component piece part prices
  • Utilise a huge range of materials and their properties
  • Minimal waste material
  • Fast, repeatable and reliable manufacturing process
  • Parts can be made in any colour you choose
  • Flexibility on number of cavities to match annual demand
Injection Mould Core and Cavity

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Our HQ is located on the south coast of the UK.

We have 2 large Tool making and Injection Moulding sites, both based in Shenzhen, Southern China.

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