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Selective Laser Sintering or SLS for short, is a 3d printing process also known as additive manufacturing.

By fusing polymer powder with lasers, layers of material are built up to produce the final part. This process allows us to print with no support structures. Meaning you can create more complex geometries. We use Nylon as our base material.


SLS Advantages

Selective Laser Sintering is perfect for rapid prototyping because it requires no tooling. Meaning you can make iterative design changes inexpensively. Also print times are very quick, hence this has become one of the main processes of choice for Product Designers and Mechanical Engineers. Who are looking to shorten design cycles and validate their components before committing to expensive tooling.

For these very same reasons, using Laser Sintering parts for smaller batch production runs has also become a lot more popular. Most notably in the aerospace and automotive industry where they often require small quantities of high quality parts.

SLS 3d printed parts have excellent mechanical properties such as stiffness and strength. Making them comparable to injection moulded parts.



+/-0.2mm, plus +0.002mm/mm

Print Accuracy

0.1mm layer thinkness

0.75mm min feature size


Helpful Resources:

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Design note: We do not recommend to print a fully enclosed geometry, because the powder will be trapped within. However it is possible to leave a strategic opening to release the powder once printing is complete.


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