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You can achieve a chrome finish with plastic parts by adding a metallic plating by the process of electroplating.

With this process it’s possible to enhance cheaper plastic parts to look more expensive. Therefore this is often used on luxury goods or in the automotive industry for interior & external trims and fittings.

The coating is only several microns thick. We can plate plastics such as PC, ABS, Nylons and PF. In comparison to solid metal parts, they are inexpensive, light and rustproof. in addition they don’t require any polishing after plating.

Examples of commonly plated parts include:

  • Plumbing goods – Taps & pipes
  • Household products – Toasters, Kettles, Cloths Irons
  • Fittings – Light switches, Door Handles
  • Automotive – Gear Stick Knobs, Wheel Hub Caps, Badges, Trims & Fittings


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