• Calmore, Southampton, UK

Cold Forging

The Process

Cold Forging is the process of forcing a metal blank into a Die. This happens when the material is at standard room temperatures. Hence the name “cold forging”.



In comparison to machined or cast parts, cold forged parts have superior mechanical strength. This is due to the metal coming under large pressures. As a result the grain structure of the material is rearranged, making the parts stronger.

Medium to larger annual volumes makes this process cost effective. Because once the tooling is in place you can produce part rapidly. Therefore upfront investment in tooling is quickly recovered. To give you a better idea of operational output; cold forging can typically produce more than 150 X the number of components, in the same time it would take to machine a single part.

Cold forged parts usually have a better surface finish. Meaning second operations to remove material and clean faces are not required.


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