• Calmore, Southampton, UK

CNC Machine Metal


We manufacture quality, precision engineered, CNC Machine Metal Parts. Our service is fast and affordable. Ideal for prototyping and batch production.

We have a wide range of different CNC machines at our disposal, maximising our capabilities and allowing us to regularly produce complex parts. We mix and match the processes, meaning we can craft the component to the clients specification.

CNC Machines include:

  • Lathes
  • Mills
  • EDMs – Spark, Wire & Sinker
  • Plasma Cutters


CNC Machine Metal Parts are critical components within products and assemblies, stretching across a wide range of industries, including;

Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Dental, Electronics, Food, Industrial Equipment, Jewellery, Military, Manufacturing, Safety equipment and Transportation.


Advantages of CNC Machining

Parts are created by machining a base material of metal or plastic. As a result they are strong and durable. This process is both accurate and repeatable. Also we can quickly create components that require no investment in tooling. CNC machining requires initial programming, however once set up you can reuse it, therefore repeat ordering of CNC parts is simple.


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