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Protective Coating

There are two main reasons why you would use Anodising. Firstly the most common reason being, to give metal parts a protective shield. Making them less prone to corrosion and ware. This is an electrolytic process, where a 5 – 30µm layer of oxidation forms to create a barrier.

One big positive is that this process leaves parts 100% recyclable. The majority of anodising is done on aluminium and its alloys. Other metals which include magnesium and titanium alloys. Anodising a component will make paint primers and adhesive glues bond better, in comparison to their original metal surfaces.


Decorative Finish

The second most common reason to anodise is to add colour to parts. Where a wide range of colours are available. One benefit of using this for decorative reasons is its longevity, as the parts won’t fade over time.


Please note that we only anodise components that we manufacture.

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