• Calmore, Southampton, UK

3D Printing

Our 3D printing service is ideal for creating a representative model. Get an early indication of form and function, helping you realise your designs.

Through early prototyping you can validate your designs therefore allowing you to spot any changes that need to happen early before committing to expensive tooling.

Maybe you want to explore the shape and size of a product. Understanding the form and aesthetics.

We can print components and models with fine details. Ideal if you requiring tight tolerances, or a nice smooth surface finish. We can also cater for components that require excellent mechanical properties. These can be equivalent to plastics, for that reason features such as clip fits can be utilised.

This Ultraform service is fast and affordable. Firstly we will review your work and provide design feedback. As a result your design will be right first time.

So whether you need to mock up a prototype or undertake some early product testing. Our SLA and SLS 3D printing services can cater for your needs.


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